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  • Always the best time for a flight to Legazpi City. Good day, world. ;)
  • Doon sa Camalig. ;)
  • And so my Mom already knows how to project in selfies. Progress! Haha!
  • One of the heritage churches in Albay-Camalig town's St. John the Baptist Parish Church.

Blessed Maundy Thursday.
  • Mount Bulalo | Calauan, Laguna
  • I've realized something tonight. 
Here it goes: perhaps the reason why I am pushing myself so hard to lose weight is not only to feel and look better but also because I want to eat more. Hahaha. 
Since I love eating so much, I gotta exercise to eliminate the guilt feeling due to overeating. Case in point, after tonight's full-blown gym workout where I sweated like a pig, I devoured chicken, rice, spaghetti, mushroom pepper steak, coke, and a canister of Piknik at McDo. The result: happiness.

By early Thursday morning, I will trek Mount Bulalo in preparation for a long weekend in Cebu where I plan to be the man who can't be moved due to hot and spicy lechon pork belly.

Life is good. I approve!
  • Makban Geothermal reservation. ;)
  • Dahil sabi ng #stabucksplanner #StarbucksPlannerPH gumawa daw ng 'My Story. My Pictures.' So why not. ;) I've always been inclined to the arts. In elementary and high school, I've had my share of wins in art competitions. But I didn't take up fine arts in college because I was worried that I won't learn anything else. Not that political science was a bad decision because it led me to a fulfilling career in development work. But once in a while I go back to my Da Vinci roots and my recent explore-explore in Bicol deserves this high-schoolish collage. 
Blessed Palm Sunday. ;) Matinding pasasalamat kay kaibigan @naleynbriones at @arcelmadrid sa mga larawan. Nakaka-mangha ang inyong talento. ;)
  • Sa tuktok ng Mount Bulalo, tanaw ang kapitbahay na si Mariang Makiling at ang mga iilang bayan ng lalawigan ng mga barako. ;)
  • Last night here in Albay hence I am posting this early morning photo of the majestic Mount Mayon from last weekend. Though I am here again three weeks from now. Hihi.

Good night, world. ;)

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