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  • #nowreading Read Harder Challenge book #4: read a book you've already read before. Amy Tan's first novel, The Joy Luck Club.

#readharder #readharderchallenge #readharder2017 #aboitizbookrioter
  • Sampaloc Lake with filter. LOL
  • Sampaloc Lake with filter. Hahaha.
  • Lake Sampaloc sunrise chorvah. LOL
  • #1/25 Read a classic published before the 1900s: Louisa May Alcott's Little Women

#readharderchallenge #readharder #readharder2017 #aboitizbookrioter
  • Is there a meteorological, intergalactic, interplanetary event that we should know about? 
Dahil kasalukuyan na ganito ang kalawakan dito sa Batangas-Laguna. Beautiful. But strange.
  • Happy New Year, World.
Viva Pit Señor, Cebu!
  • Victorious! Just stole Death Star's plans from Scarif. Now off to the mall for ice cream and cake. From my empire to yours, Merry Christmas! Peace! ;)
  • Death Star. LOL
  • In this season of love and giving, let's go solar. Hahahaha.

This is Jessie Cubijano, 23, representing the United Solar Panels of Negros Occidental! Woot woot. LOL

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