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  • 'Ang panahon ra gyod diay ang magbuot kon kanus-a malawos ang usa aron manalingsing ang uban.' Kinutlo sa Ang Pagpanglarag, balak ni Jona Branzuela Bering nga giduyogan sa hulagway gikan sa Sagada.

Rough translation: Only time will determine when one may wilt so that the others may sprout new buds.
  • Palo Sebo. Klasik fiesta sa bayan ng Liliw, probinsya ng Laguna. ;)
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Check out my beautiful experience: http://sebastianpitbull.com/12th-cinemalaya-philippine-independent-film-festival/

Photo by @doi.doi @thetravellingfeet ;)
  • Excited @backpackingwithabook @doi.doi ! :D
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  • Earlier today at #cinemalaya 2016. Because @doi.doi and I arrived so early. Before we binged on 8 full length and short competition films so far. Zero disappointment so far. Cinemalaya rules! :D
  • It's #cinemalaya weekend. Break the surface. :D
Salamat @doi.doi for the photo and art direction. ;)
  • Road to Cinemalaya 2016. :D
  • Happy first monthsiversary to us, Cinema '76 Film Society. 9 films in the past 4 weekends and looking forward to more. We won't be seeing each other next weekend as @doi.doi and I are camping at CCP for Cinemalaya. Will miss you. XOXO.

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