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  • #nowreading In flight companion, a collection of mythical tales from the Mountain Provinces, which I got from the Bontoc Museum last April. 40 whimsical pages so far. ;)
  • "Godliness is like a muscle; it needs exercise. If you want to be more gracious, don't expect God to remove every irritating situation from your life. Rather, God may present plenty of opportunities for you to represent His character to a watching world." -Page 36, God in the Marketplace
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  • Sleeping / reading / daydreaming / night-owling space in my Batangas home. Lately, this space is hosting conversations over vodka too. LOL
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  • A New York love poem. ;)
  • "Wise Christian businesspeople recognize that when the day is done, what matters most will not be whether they got their way in the boardroom but whether Christ was glorified through their behavior." God in the Marketplace, Henry and Richard Blackaby
  • #nowreading God in The Marketplace, my third nonfiction this month. 
Chapter 1 pa lang, challenge na agad: "Isn't it ironic that we often pray for God to make us Christlike, but the moment God allows something into our lives that would answer this prayer, we immediately send out a fervent prayer request to all our friends to have that circumstance removed? We must decide what is most important to us: comfort or Christlikeness. The process of becoming like Christ is generally not easy or comfortable, but it is the greatest thing we can ask God to do for us."
  • Words to live by from this evening's reading: 
You can read a book every day or memorize entire volumes of Scripture, but if you lack a teachable spirit, your efforts are futile. (Proverbs 22:17)

Good night. ;)
  • I hear you, Lav Diaz. I watched Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis and it was among the best things I did this year. And I am so looking forward to Ang Babaeng Humayo. Here are my thoughts though why noble filmmakers like you are not getting the support from our government.

Pageants and sports are means of escape of Filipinos. These fields are sources of inspiration. That Filipinos, though small in physical and economic statures, can emerge triumphant against goliaths. As a parent, it is but natural for the government to reward its excellent children. As an institution gearing to earn public support, government generates public approval for recognizing sportsmen and beauty queens who bring honor to the country.

Filipinos however are not prepared to appreciate art that is not mainstream e.g. film, performance, literature, visual. And this may be because of our public education system, which doesn't give significant emphasis on the humanities. Drawing is innate in me, I didn't have formal training, I just simply know how to draw and handle various coloring media. But my love for film, literature, and theatre, all these I owe to my wonderful high school and college teachers. I don't think I would be as passionate had I not been properly exposed. And because films like the ones you produce are just not popular to Pinoys, then the government may not be so gung-ho on extending support.

Ergo my point: education. Artists like you, Lav Diaz, may have to play your roles in influencing the public education system. You may not get the support to fund your films but you may lead the way for financial support to be poured to schools. It's a heroic deed because the reward is in the form of a citizenry with a broader perspective on the arts. It's a long haul but a great amount of work has already been achieved via the steady flow of quality independent films, including your films that brim with passion and soul.

Just saying. ;)

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