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  • Yesterday's unplanned / quick win splurge at Fully Booked, one of my 1,001 essential readings for 2017. LOL.

The Great Political Theories was bible when I was a political analyst wannabe at UP Cebu. Though I didn't pursue a career in law because I just don't have the smarts for it. The one year I spent in law school was a failure for the record books but which I don't regret at all because any given day I could be in a conversation and drop phrases like 'you're estopped' and 'psychological incapacity' and perhaps instantly radiate an intellectual aura.

I plan to reread this book this year not really to have a theoretical handle of the sad state of Pinas politics these days but to re-live those polsci years. Happy Friday!

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  • When the 532-page historical fiction you're reading drags but you hold on because the novel's subject involves Anne Boleyn, a crucial topic in your high school world history education, you relocate to the floor, pretend to pass out, and shoot a selfie. LOL

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  • Sampaloc Lake | San Pablo City, Laguna

Blessed Sunday, world. ;)
  • Lake Pandin | San Pablo City, Laguna
  • Pandin Lake | San Pablo City, Laguna
  • Read harder challenge 8/25: Read a fantasy | Edgar Calabia Samar's Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon

Before anything, my deep apology to my good friend and kumpare, Paeng. May 19, 2014. That was when you gave this fantastic book to me. We were both on our way out of PBSP then. You told me that this is a Pinoy version of Harry Potter. I wanted to read this right away, but I never did. I guess my only excuse is that change happened and a lot of things took the back seat. Last Christmas break, when I was home in Cebu and was figuring out how to make 2017 the best year ever, I included Janus Silang in my reading priorities. It may be long overdue but thank you, thank you, thank you, Paeng, for introducing me to the world of Janus Silang. It is for me much better than Harry Potter because it is set in my world, it revolves around the mythologies of my nation, and written in the language that I speak everyday.

Janus Silang is a character that I personally cannot relate to. He is a millennial and a rabid online gamer hooked to TALA, a homegrown version of DOTA. In a space of one week, several youths have mysteriously died in Internet shops all over the country. They all succumbed to a bewildering case of spontaneous human combustion while playing TALA. Strangely, Janus survived.

Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon worked for me because of the very human elements illustrated by its author, Edgar Calabia Samar. His addiction to online gaming didn't mask Janus' struggles at home, at school, with the blows of first love. Samar didn't rush with the story; instead he compartmentalized the plot into chapters that deepen Janus' character. By weaving history, myth, and technology, Samar has created a universe that is wholly original and a plot that's incredibly unpredictable, mindblowing, and satisying. Looks like that I will rush to the nearest bookstore over the weekend to grab the next title in the series. :D

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  • Doon sa ilog Maimpis, sa pagitan ng mga bayan ng Liliw at Majayjay sa lalawigan ng Laguna, doon ay mejo payat ako sa larawan ni Naleyn. LOL
  • Sprawling greens from yesterday's walk in Majayjay, Laguna. ;)
  • Doon sa Liliw, nag chill ng konte bago pumatuloy sa Majayjay. ;) Salamat kaibigan @naleynbriones sa larawan. ;) #pormangbiggestloser LOL
  • Mga mumunting butil ng kasaganahan. More protein-rich dahil Lo-fi filter. LOL

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